Quick Contacts


Foreclosure Hotlines
SaveYourHomePhilly Hotline 215-334-HOME www.phila.gov/ohcd
Don’t Borrow Trouble Hotline
(Suburban Philadelphia)
888-275-8843 www.dontborrowtroublesepa.org
Pennsylvania Housing Finance 
Agency Hotline

Making Home
Affordable Hotlines
Fannie Mae
1-800-FANNIE www.makinghomeaffordable.gov
  Freddie Mac 1-800-FREDDIE www.makinghomeaffordable.gov

Legal Assistance
(income limits)
Community Legal Services 215-227-2400 www.clsphila.org
  Philadelphia Legal Assistance 215-981-3800 www.philalegal.org
  Legal Aid of Southeastern PA 877-429-5994 www.lasp.org

Lawyer Referral 
Philadelphia Bar Association Lawyer 
Referral Service
215-238-6333 www.philadelphiabarlawyers.com
Lawyer Referral Service of Bucks 
County Bar Association
888-991-9922 www.bucksbar.org/Lawyer_Referral_Service.html
  Chester County Lawyer Referral Service 610-692-1889 www.chescobar.org/public/lrs.html
Lawyer Referral Service of the 
Barristers Club of Delaware County
Lawyer Referral Service – Montgomery 
County Bar Association
ext .201

Other Urban Affairs Coalition 215-851-1738 www.uac.org
  Philadelphia County Sheriff’s Office 215-686-3530 www.phillysheriff.com
  Bucks County Sheriff’s Office 215-348-6124 www.buckscounty.org/government/rowofficers/sheriff/index.aspx
  Chester County Sheriff’s Office 610-344-6850 www.chesco.org/sheriff/site
  Delaware County Sheriff’s Office 610-891-4296 www.co.delaware.pa.us/sheriff/
  Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office 610-278-3331 www.montcopa.org

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Virtual Foreclosure Resource Center
(For consumer information, community resources, research 
and publications, policies and regulations and news.)