Task Force

In the spring of 2007, the CED Committee convened the interagency, multi-sector Foreclosure Prevention Task Force to respond to the foreclosure crisis in Philadelphia. Members include representatives from various banking institutions, public interest attorneys and housing advocates from nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia.

The goals of the Task Force are to:

  1. Articulate a vision of what an effective foreclosure prevention system would be
  2. Build consensus around recommendations to lenders, government, and nonprofits that would reduce the number of foreclosures through preventive and remedial strategies
  3. Initiate and implement those strategies that are within the power of the CED Committee

Since the formation of this group, CED and the Task Force have coordinated various activities such as organizing conferences at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and implementing a city-wide Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Scam Alert campaign in partnership with the City of Philadelphia and NeighborWorks America, and producing the Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide.  

Currently, the Task Force is collaborating with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and other stakeholders to organize a conference focused on foreclosure prevention and servicing since the end of the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). 

Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Members Allison Hughes (Scholl Ashodian) and Donald Haskin (Citi)


Foreclosure Prevention Task Force members and partners:

Nelson Acevedo PNC
Irv Ackelsberg Langer Grogan
Lauren Ascher Philadelphia VIP
Roger Ashodian Scholl Ashodian
Robert Ballenger Community Legal Services
Michelle Brix Community Legal Services
Hiram Carmona
(Task Force Partner)
Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development
Syndey Diavua Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
AJ Fouts Scholl Ashodian
William Hall Clarifi
Eric Hansen LASP
Allison Hughes Scholl Ashodian
Michelle Kerr-Spry Consultant
Catherine Martin Community Legal Services
Beth McConnell PACDC
Franyuri Medina City of Philadelphia
Jonathan Pyle Philadelphia Legal Assistance
Terri Redmond PHFA
Margaret Robinson Philadelphia Legal Assistance
Rick Sauer PACDC
Brooke Schipporeit SDHP
Jennifer Schultz Community Legal Services
Jonathan Sgro Community Legal Services
William Smith Retired Banker - Citizens Bank
Irwin Trauss Philadelphia Legal Assistance
Marty Wilson Community Legal Services
UAC Staff:   
Jojy Varghese Urban Affairs Coalition
Kalie Wertz Urban Affairs Coalition